About Us

Creating value as a partner…
At KT Fabrication, we take pride in being the single source for your building wall system needs. Through attention to the Team and Project’s success, diligent quality assurance, attention to detail, and timely development and production, we are able to exceed client expectations time and time again.

Our History
KT Fabrication was founded by Don Tidwell and operated by David Tidwell in 1988 as a commercial aluminum manufacturer. The business originally began manufacturing for projects in California and saw immediate success and opportunity to become a high quality competitive manufacturer for projects in Arizona. KT Fabrication has also supplied products for projects from Honolulu to Chicago. In 5 years’ time, the business expanded into commercial window subcontracting, now manufacturing and installing in the cities of Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. David Tidwell- now President and CEO, successfully developed and tested the company’s first custom window wall system in 1996. Since then, KT Fabrication has created over 400 window extrusions that make up several exterior and interior window wall systems. These systems have been a part of many successful projects in the private sector, higher education, and healthcare markets.

Who is KT Fabrication Today?
KT Fabrication is led by its leadership group involving David Tidwell (CEO & President), Kris Tidwell (Project Director / Warranty Coordinator), Justin Tidwell (Project Director / Safety Coordinator), Angela Norpel (Controller / Human Resources), and Bernie Hageman (Director of Preconstruction). KT Fabrication has remained a family owned and operated organization allowing us to keep each project and its clients’ needs close to the organizations leadership. This allows for a consistent quality oriented culture throughout our organization.

What is KT Fabrication Today?
Today, KT Fabrication is the premier aluminum window systems, ornamental metals and ACM panel manufacturer / installer in Arizona. Our vision of success requires a specific set of goals for each project that is shared by all at KT Fabrication. We believe in an on-time, safe and quality installation. This cannot come at the expense of our company values, in that we must ensure everyone involved is allowed to share in a sense of pride. These objectives help us strengthen valuable relationships with our customers on each project.

Selective Market Approach
Our goal is to become an integral partner with a construction team that values quality equal to price. KT Fabrication remains very selective and cautious about the type and quality of the project and clients we partner with.

Coordination and Installation on Site
KT Fabrication’s field personnel are trained to perform installation in strict compliance with the approved and comprehensive submittal drawings. When conditions on site vary from those submitted, we communicate with the project partners to ensure a viable solution everyone can support and warranty.

KT Fabrication understands the value of the people that make up our organization. We provide a workplace where safety is the priority. Our people are trained on the correct means and methods to work safely. We provide the correct equipment and follow a rigid pre-task inspection process to ensure our people understand the unique conditions we encounter 100% of the time. KT Fabrication has several 15 year employees who we expect will finish their careers with us, helping to continue the continuity of the culture we have established.